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Fog cannons

For business security

A fog cannon is a brilliantly simple idea delivered using the latest technology that can be installed as part of your business or home security system installed by Sterling Security Ltd.

We know how to install Fog Cannons correctly

  • Competitive prices
  • Local alarm monitoring
  • 25+ years of security experience
  • Quality hardware
  • Friendly & trustworthy staff
  • Expert installation

For home security

Fog cannons are most commonly used in business security systems but there is nothing to stop them being used as part of your home security system.

How does a fog cannon work?

The idea behind a fog cannon is quite simple. Once activated, in only a few seconds the burglar cannot see what there is to steal due to the dense fog in the room. The white fog is of course harmless to humans, animals, electronics and fixtures within the room.

We have four fog cannons available to choose from and install with the main difference between the models being the output of the fog cannon. So the size of the room that you need to protect will determine the best model for your requirements.

The fog cannon includes enough fluid for multiple discharges so its good for quite a number of activations before needing to be refilled.

The fog cannons include anti sabotage steel cases, battery back-up, internal & external status indicators (external links to your security panel).

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