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Uncertain Husband & Wife Go Ahead With Security Alarm for New Waikato Farm Home

We were recently approached by a husband & wife team who were still debating if they should go ahead with organising a home security alarm for their newly built farm house.

The house had been partially pre wired during its build in case the owners decided to go ahead with an alarm system, but they had not completely decided to go ahead at that stage.

To add to the consideration the property had begun to experience some prowler activity which is a common concern for rural properties in the Waikato. Unfortunately rural homes are more isolated from their neighbours which provide more potential for burglars to enter your home and leave with your personal property undetected.

fter speaking with our security experts Simon Elliot and Guy Evelyn the couple agreed upon a new Bosch home security alarm system with six pet sensors and a remote for each member of the family.

Once the couple had given the go ahead we quickly scheduled the alarm install which went ahead on the Friday of the same week taking two technicians five hours to complete the install.

This particular install did pose a few challenges as our technicians needed to trace the pre wiring in the new two storey home with dual roof spaces. By consulting the electrician who originally wired the home we were able to gauge where cabling had been left which aided us in overcoming the challenge quickly.

So are the husband & wife now in agreement?

First of all the prowlers seem to have stopped appearing at the property. This is probably due to the alarm system being installed and the visible Sterling Security signage now affixed around the property that lets people know that a home security alarm system is in operation on the property.

So yes the husband and wife are very happy with the result and feel a lot more secure in their new secure Waikato home.

Uncertain Husband & Wife Go Ahead With Security Alarm for New Waikato Farm Home
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