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Upgrade to Home Alarm System Already at Maximum Capacity

Guy Evelyn was contacted by a home owner (the wife) that already had a working alarm system being monitored by another local security company.

The existing system was already configured at full capacity but the home owner wanted extra sensors added to the alarm system. In this instance the wife wanted an additional reed switch on the front door, a sensor for the outside shed and office.

She had not been burgled but changes in work conditions for her husband meant she is often at home alone and she wanted to review the security set up for her home. This is a sensible thing to do when major changes occur in our lives.

The existing alarm module was unable to have additional sensors added therefore we upgraded the existing alarm system to a Bosch 16+ home alarm system with remotes, wireless surface reed switch for the front door and wireless sensors for the outside shed and office.

We were able to use all the existing alarm system sensors, sirens and cabling which meant just adding a new main panel, keypad, wireless receiver and wireless devices.

We also set up a part alarm arming so the home owner can set part of the house as armed at night time using her remote whilst the parts of the house she resides in remain unarmed. This is a nice feature available with good home alarms that provides security whilst you are at home as well as when you are away from home.

The complete upgrade took our installers about two hours by the time all the old sensors were re configured as well as the new equipment added.

The home owner is very happy with the upgrade and the final result is she feels safe at home whilst her husband is away on business.

Upgrade to Home Alarm System Already at Maximum Capacity
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