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Waikato Business Upgrades Security Alarm Due to Holiday Burglary

Long weekends and holiday periods over summer are usually some of the busiest periods for thief’s and this year they have been busy yet again! 

Unfortunately, last week one of our business customers was burgled during the holiday period and high value stock in the form of quad bikes went missing. 

This particular business was already monitored by Sterling Security and had an existing Bosch alarm system on site but lacked full coverage around the entire business premises leaving unprotected zones which the thieves were able to exploit. 

After a consultation on site from our security experts the business upgraded to a Bosch 3000 security system with additional sensors and perimeter beams which will provide early detection helping to secure the high value merchandise. 

It’s important to note that a security system needs to cover every zone around your business adequately to ensure there are not exploitable gaps in your coverage.

This large business site with environmental obstacles such as moving traffic close by which makes outdoor sensor adjustments delicate, took two of our technicians 4 hours to complete the upgrade install. 

Along with our local monitoring and quick guard response times this business now has a far better chance of catching any thieves before they make off with their bikes.

Waikato Business Upgrades Security Alarm Due to Holiday Burglary
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