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Waikato Lifestyle Block Wireless Home Alarm System With Gate Beams

The owner of a lifestyle block in the Waikato requested a security consultation with Guy Evelyn to work out the best security system for their newly acquired lifestyle block.

The lifestyle block posed a few challenges as the system would need to cover three external sheds as well as needing to monitor the driveway which began 250 metres away from the house.

The solution provided by Sterling Security was a Risco wireless home alarm system with six wireless sensors along with three wireless smoke detectors an external siren and gate beams to cover the entrance to the driveway.

The gate beams from Parabeam use laser light between two sensors that are powered from a battery constantly charged by two solar panels. The gate beams can communicate to the main alarm system panel up to 500 metres away which is well within the range of the 250 metre driveway of this customers lifestyle block.

The installation of the wireless alarm system was carried out on a Tuesday in just under 4 hours by our alarm technicians. We had to perform the installation carefully as the sheds had a variety of equipment in them and we had to ensure coverage around the obstacles within the sheds.

The main alarm unit was placed in the middle shed to ensure the signal reached the other two sheds. Each shed had two sensors and one smoke detector installed linking back to the central keypad that includes remotes.

The wireless home alarm system was a great solution considering the existing buildings required security without making it complicated.

The customer is very happy with the installation especially with the gate beams now warning them when someone enters the property.

Waikato Lifestyle Block Wireless Home Alarm System With Gate Beams
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