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Business alarm systems with access control

A useful additional feature for business alarm systems is access control. This is where entry into your building and/or sections of your building are controlled via a small panel by the door that you pass a tag or card past to unlock and open the door. A fingerprint reader is also an option instead of using tags/cards.


Access control is commonly used by workshops, factories, industrial buildings and offices that want to control who can enter a building and various sections within the building.

Bosch 6000 series

Sterling Security Ltd provides access control through the Bosch 6000 series of panels with the panel being able to manage up to 256 users.

The 6000 series alarm panel can manage up to 16 access doors and 144 zones that can be configured into a maximum of 8 petitions which are separate areas that a user can have access to within the building including a common petition such as a foyer.

An example of petition configuration is when a business gives all employees access to the foyer area and then some employees have access to the workshop area but do not have access to the office area or controlling petition areas for weekend staff vs weekday staff.

Proxy reader

The small dark panel that a user waves the card or tag past is known as a ‘proxy reader’. Our Bosch 6000 series proxy reader is vandal & waterproof IP 66 rated which means it can be used on external walls as well as internal walls of your building.

A more complex proxy reader with keypad & screen is a secondary option that is usually installed in a common petition for access via tag or pin number and provides alarm & zone control. These keypads are not vandal proof so they are for internal use only.

If you are interested in using access control for your business, please contact Sterling Security Ltd. We can custom configure an alarm system with access control that fits your requirements at a competitive price.

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