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Security Cameras

Business security cameras

Security cameras can provide internal or external visual surveillance of your premises. It will record movement and set off alarms. Activation will be monitored by Sterling Security Ltd, and appropriate action taken.


The same equipment is used for business security cameras as within our home alarm systems but they are utilised by a business for a wider range of reasons including:

  • Monitoring staff whereabouts in large premises so people can be found easily
  • Monitoring stock losses and theft during normal business hours.
  • Identifying false alarms vs real alarm scenarios
  • Identifying burglars
  • For occupational health & safety reasons cameras are a good way of proving your business is not liable in the case of a serious accident occurring.

Home security cameras

Security cameras are becoming a more common feature of home security alarm systems as the cost of the camera hardware is now at an affordable level for home owners.

Our security cameras are fixed mounted on internal and external locations and connect to a NVR (Network Video Recorder). The network video recorder supplies the power to the cameras and stores the video footage so it must be stored out of regular view or within a locked room or cupboard so that a burglar cannot access the system and stop or destroy the video footage. We recommend configuring the cloud option for offsite viewing as well.

The security camera installation method & position is a crucial factor to stopping vandalism. The Sterling Security installers are experts in mounting security cameras.

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